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Mike Mangini Drummer for "Dream Theater"

"Sal has a full range of musicianship and control on the guitar, and as a songwriter. His exposure to and usage of musical styles from jazz to heavy metal surface on both CD's. The versatility in these areas made recording with him a lot of fun for me."

Wayne Naus 

Professor, Berklee College of Music

Author of the book "Beyond Functional Harmony" Leader of the band "Moksha"

"I’ve had the privilege of working with Sal in numerous musical projects over the years. His musicality, energy, enthusiasm and positive personality is truly unique. There are few guitar players that can take the music to the high’s he can!"

Larry Baione
Chair - Guitar Department
Berklee College of Music

"Sal is a very valuable teacher in Berklee's guitar department. He is a great player who can teach his students to be great players."

Joe Santerre
Professor - Bass Department
Berklee College of Music

"I have known Sal to always be professional and a team player in all of these situations. He cares about music! Also, Sal is capable of authentically playing countless styles of music; jazz, rock,

fusion, latin, progressive, etc."


Steve Hunt (Former Keyboardist for Allan Holdsworth)

Professor - Piano Department

Berklee College of Music


"Sal DiFusco is the ultimate guitarist able to comfortably switch between hard‐core bebop jazz to heavy fusion rock and sound authentic in any style he chooses to play. His technical and musical ability on the guitar is beyond reproach and he is considered one of the top players in the Boston and New England area."

Rick Peckham

Assistant Chair and Professor - Guitar Department

Berklee College of Music

"Sal Di Fusco’s profile represents an outstanding combination of musician and educator. He is one of the most passionate people I know—his boundless energy continues to fuel his steady growth as a teacher, musician and guitar player."

Tom Stein

Professor - Pro Music Department

Berklee College of Music

"In all honesty, I could not make such a strong recommendation without reservation if I did not hold Sal in absolute highest esteem as a person, based on the attributes of his character. He is a solid family man, very active in giving back generously to his community; and I have witnessed his upstanding role in helping others less fortunate time and again."


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