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Study with Sal DiFusco

Now offering Zoom Lessons


One of my greatest joys in life is imparting whatever knowledge and experience I has acquired over my 40-year music career to students of the guitar. My teaching technique was developed from a musical synthesis stemming from my exposure to Traditional Italian music, my personal training in Jazz and my passion for Rock music.


I enjoy preparing my students for the real world of the music industry. With my extensive musical training alongside my experience in teaching at the Berklee College of Music since 1998, I have acquired and developed an extensive library of techniques and materials to make the learning experience a thought-provoking and inspiring one. Integrating scales, arpeggios, chords, rhythm studies, music theory, reading, composition, ear training and harmony, my goal is to develop well-rounded and versatile guitarists ready to handle any musical situation. I really do appreciate the incredible responses of gratitude I have received from many of my students through the years for my influence on them as a musician and guitarist through kind words, letters and the student evaluations.

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